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Mango murabba

'Mango murabba: Tastes like life, thoda khatta thoda meetha'

Some people say that mango is the king of the fruits. Indeed mango is the king of the fruits. And my most favourite fruit is mango. I have many memories related to mango. I remember that during summer if we had any guests at home we would serve them ripe mangoes. I had a private tutor. He would come to our house twice a week to teach my cousin and me. My mom used to serve him mangoes in a plate. During first few days he would shy a lot to eat those mangoes. But later on he would enjoy a lot eating those sweet Himsagar mangoes. Himsagar mango is the costliest among all mangoes. During the hot summer afternoon my mother would prepare mango sarbat for us. It tastes little sour and sweet.

Another thing I remember that my mother would also prepare mango pickle and we would have that pickle along with rice, dal and sabji during the lunch. My mother prepares a lot of various recipes with unripe mango. Mango murabba is one of them. I love to eat mango murabba a lot. Mango is a tropical fruit. It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and Philippines. There are various kinds of mango available such as Himsagar, Lengra, Bombai, Amrapalli, Chausa, Mallika, Gulab khas, Maldai etc. Among all of them I love Himsagar most as Himsagar is the sweetest. It is widely available in West Bengal, a state in eastern India. During my stay in Andhra Pradesh I enjoyed unripe mangoes with black salt. That was a different type of mango. Mango is very high in vitamin C and vitamin A. It also has iron, calcium and vitamin B6. During every summer my mother makes mango murabba for us. All my family members love murabba a lot. In our childhood we would eagerly wait for summer to come. As in India we would get unripe mango only during summer. Now due to advanced technology we get all kinds of seasonal fruits almost throughout the year but it was not the case 15 years before. As we need unripe mangoes for this recipe, we had to wait for until the mango season would come. And once the season would come I would literally force my mother to make murabba for us. I would finish most of the murabba alone.

After so many years of eating my mother's tasty murabba now I tried to make it like she does. It is not very easy to make as good as my mother makes. I remember we had a mango tree in our neighbor's house and they were very close to us. I had a very good relationship with my neighbours. Two of them were one or two years younger than me. And one was four years older than me. I would play with my neighbours every afternoon as I had morning school and I would come back home at 11 a.m. During mango season my neighbour's mango tree would have so many mangoes. Whenever it would rain heavily or gusty wind would blow in our area, mangoes would fall from that tree and my neighbor and I would collect them. We would cook them in our little pot in my small mud oven. My neighbor's aunt made me that oven with mud. In India many people still cook in the mud oven in their lawn. Specially in the villages, people have mud oven. We would try to make mango murabba. As all of us were kids we had very little knowledge about cooking. So we would cut the mangoes and boil them in the sugar syrup and thus we would make our mango murabba.

Those were golden days of life which will never come back. I think childhood is the best time in everyone's life when we do not have so much tension of life. I always remember those days when, in the dark after evening in the storm, we all would together collect the mangoes and then prepare our murabba. Now my culinary skills have improved so I have tried to make a perfect mango murabba. Since I started making cooking videos I thought of making murabba video. But I was waiting for unripe mangoes to come to the market. And once I got the unripe mangoes I made the video.


One raw(unripe) mango slices,fennel seeds, salt, sugar, five indian spices(panch foron which consists of fennel seeds, black seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds), oil, turmeric powder, red chilli powder.


  • First wash the mango well in plain water.
  • You do not need to peel off the mango as we will need the peel to make perfect mango murabba.
  • Cut the mango into small pieces and remove the seed if the seed is soft and small. In some mangoes seed becomes very hard. In that case you can also use the seed. when you will cut the mango, You need to leave some mango around the seed so that you can enjoy the seed as well. Use mango seed in your murabba only if it is very hard.
  • Then boil the mangoes in a pot. Do not boil it for a long time otherwise mangoes will be extremely soft and it would melt. You need a little hard texture to make it a perfect mango murabba.
  • Then roast the fennel seeds in a pan for few seconds and make a powder of it using grinder. It is good to roast the fennel seeds only before using it as the aroma goes away soon if you leave it open in the air for few minutes. So it is best to roast and grind just before using it. And we will need that powder at last.
  • You will need half table spoon of fennel seed powder.
  • Heat some oil in a pan and fry five spices for few seconds.
  • Then add boiled mangoes, salt to taste, one cup sugar(according to your taste and the quantity of mango), half tea spoon of turmeric powder, less than a half tea spoon of red chilli powder and mix them well.
  • Cook the mangoes for 2-3 minutes.
  • Then add fennel seeds powder and cover it and turn off the flame.
  • Then you will get your mouthwatering mango murabba.