Onion pakora


Gram flour, water, onion, green chilli(optional), salt, oil, turmeric powder.


  • Cut the onion into small thin pieces.
  • Take a bowl and put one cup gram flower, salt to taste, a pinch of turmeric powder for the color and one chopped green chilli if you like.
  • Pour some water to the bowl to make a thik batter out of the gram flour.
  • Then put onion to the gram flour batter and mix it well.
  • Remember the batter should be very thik to hold the onion.
  • Heat generous amount of oil in a pan and using a spoon put the batter in the oil.
  • Then in a low-medium flame fry the pakora well on the both sides.
  • Take out the pakora and serve it with tomato ketchup.