Plain yogurt, cucumber, orange, green peas, carrots, salt, little water, red chilli powder, balis leaf, one rose petal for garnishing.


  • Take one cup plain yogurt in a bowl.
  • Add little amount of salt to the yogurt to taste.
  • Cut cucumber in thin pieces and add to the yogurt.
  • Add little amount of red chilli powder to the yougurt. The amount should be less than half tea spoon.
  • Shred some carrots and add to the yogurt.
  • Then mix the yougurt with all the ingredients well.
  • Your raita is almost ready to serve.
  • Put some green peas on the top of the raita and spread some peeled orange on it .
  • Then garnish it with one basil leaf, one rose petal and one cucumber piece.
  • Then serve it to your guests with roti, naan or rice.